No Longer Alone

Historians recount Jan. 13, 2127, as the day humans first discovered intelligent alien life.

Seven years earlier, the Global Astronautics Agency had launched probes to Alpha Centuauri, Altair, Tau Ceti and several other nearby star systems determined to be candidates for habitable systems. The Frontier probes, flying at a substantial fraction of the speed of light, carried arrays of instruments to detect signs of artificial activity and faster-than-light communications devices with enough power to send a single burst transmission back to Earth with their findings.

Like the Voyager, Pioneer and New Horizons spacecraft before it, Frontier 1 sent back a wealth of information. Alpha Centauri A had an Earth-sized planet in its habitable zone. In addition to its two natural moons, Frontier 1's images revealed satellites that were clearly artificial.

The Terran Chronicles are the stories of humanity's struggles, its defeats, and — like the story of first contact with the people of Rigil Kentaurus — its triumphs.